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>> gretchen: you loved it. it was your favorite movie of the year. >> brian: favorite movie. >> gretchen: yep. after fred clause. you find out who wins on january 13. >> steve: yeah. we're going to be winners because we hope you will join us tomorrow as is always the case on friday, geraldo rivera is going to be joining us live. and we're going to show you how it take great holiday pictures. you know the photographs? you've got digital cameras. how often do you cut people's heads off? >> brian: florida georgia line coming up in the after the show show. they're awesome and got another great song waiting for you. >> gretchen: join me on studio b today, 3:00 p.m. eastern. here we ép, america. foxç news alert. yo. knewç worries government spending issspeeding out of control againsas the fed chair ben b%jbpgke says he will notmy let up on stimulus÷ú spending until unemploymentç gets a whole letç lower. we're a longay from that. heresin "america's úççç
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>> 85.ç that will continueb
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printing a lot of money. for four years, president obama has been spending a lot of money. we've still got an economy growing at best, 2 1/2% in the third quarter. it may be lower than that in the fourth quarter of this year. bill: that is only error in the quiver. we can print money. >> ben bernanke tried
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everything. now into his fourth round essentially of money printing. this time buying 40 billion in mortgages. 45 million in treasury securities. he will go into a fifth year of money printing. bill: one more point. this move was designed to help the banks anyway, right? feds are buying bad mortgages we're ultimately paying for that. >> 40 billion of this money printing going into the mortgage market. bill: that would help the housing market? >> it is intention, to keep the flenl link housing recovery going by keeping mortgage rates way, way down. bill: i hope you're right. stuart varney, see you at 9:20 on fbn. good deal. over the last four years the federal reserve pumped money into the economy three times. this last announcement marks the fourth round for that.
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>> there are positive signs as right now more than 5.6 million americans are collecting unemployment insurance benefits. 2.2 million americans are collecting emergency unemployment insurance benefits. now to this developing tragedy, the oregon mall where a gunman opened fire and killed two perfect strangers is closed for a second day as police try to determine the motive here. police say 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts armed himself with semiautomatictic rifle and had several fully loaded magazines of the three people he shot only one survived, a 15-year-old girl.
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one of victims, cindy ann yule, described as everybody's friend and steven forsyth a father of two. his death leaves neighbors stunned. >> he was a great neighbor and always saying hi to the kids. alisyn: everyone says he was a very involved father who coached youth football and adored his children. fox's dan springer is live in happy valley, oregon. dan tell us what you learned overnight about this shooter and the victims. >> reporter: well, just a horrible shooting obviously and something that, as you learn more about these victims becomes so much more tragic. let's talk about the good news first. that is 15-year-old christina is going to survive doctors say. they held a news conference at the hospital. she is still listed in serious condition but she is expected to make a full recovery. a bullet went through her back and bruised her lung
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but apparently did not hit vital organs. she had surgery to look inside to find out exactly what the injuries were. they said she will need a couple more surgeries but is expected to make a full recovery. that is the good news. the horrible tragic news, these two people killed, 45-year-old steve forsyth, own ad kiosk in the mall. he was described as a entrepreneur. he owned a media company at one time. married, father of two and youth sports coach. 54-year-old cindy yule woos a hospice nurse, she was in the mall christmas shopping looking for a gift for her niece. >> she was an angel. they say hospice nurses are angels and she truly was. >> reporter: we are getting description of jacob roberts from owl different kinds of sources from social media. a lot of people are talking about him but still no clear picture why he went on the horrible shooting spree. hear he quit his job at a
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sandwich shop and told friends he would move to hawaii which was a lifelong dream but he missed his flight. some say he was upset about a recent breakup with his girlfriend. some say he was evicted from a place living in june an bounced around from house to house. on facebook paege he liked shooting and an adrenaline junkie. his mother issued a statement saying she was shocked by what happened. there is word she had been estranged from jacob for the last several years because of his drug use. no clear picture exactly why he went on this shooting spree. a lot of descriptions of him as being, a lot of them being a normal kid. alisyn? alisyn: always so mystifying after these things. dan, thanks for the update. bill: we're getting reaction trot mall shooter's family. a long-time friend of jacob roberts family came out with a statement from the his mother saying the family is blind-sided by this. >> tammy wishes to express her shot and grief of the
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events at clackamas town center on tuesday. she has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. bill: roberts roommates and neighbors say they never had problems with him. one neighbor describes seeing roberts about two hours before the deadly shootings. >> he didn't wave or anything. just had guitar case in the car. >> just so shocking the whole thing. it's such a tragedy and all these things are so senseless. bill: police would not say what they found inside roberts home. his friends say he sold most of his possessions recently and told them he was taking off. going to move to hawaii. alisyn: well, dan obviously talked a little bit there about the sole survivor. doctors are saying a split second decisions are what saved that teenager's life. christina had large, open gunshot wounds to her chest and a collapsed right lung but they call this girl a fighter.
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>> fortunately we, christina was our, only victim we received. she came to us seriously wounded with this assault rifle wound to her chest. at this point she is still in serious condition. we are optimistic about her haven'tal recovery, however we have to be very cautious as this is a very serious wound from an assault rifle. she is still at risk for complications and infections from this serious wound and we have to, maintain our vigilance and our care. alisyn: doctors say christina is awake and aware she was shot as her family thank the public for their outpouring of support. bill: this just in now. getting reports of an attack at the kandahar airbase in afghanistan. southern part of the country now. this is a few hours after defense secretary leon panetta left the area. no word on whether the
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attack was linked to the visit but in all likelihood could have been based on what we saw in kabul a few months ago. this is new video of panetta of the unannounced trip to afghanistan. he was speaking to 300 troops at the airfield in kandahar province the secretary there to talk about withdrawal of most u.s. combat troops in 2014. u.s. commanders on the ground have called for 15,000 it remain there. the pentagon under white house pressure to make do with as small a force as possible. in kabul a few months ago he was at the airfield there when someone driving a truck that should not have been there and very dangerous there. in kandahar the southern part of the country, that was the heartbeat of the taliban. that is where the enemy is living now. alisyn: there is always security concerns, today in particular. we're just getting started here on "america's newsroom." new fallout from the president's health care law. first came word of that medical device tax and a fee
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for people to pay for preexisting conditions. now there are new details about a major insurer's plans to spike rates. bill: oh, boy. michigan's new laws to opt out of union fees, the right toe work effort, is it gaining steam across the country? where will the supporters go next we ask? alisyn: a few weeks before you could see a much smaller paycheck. americans are speaking out. what they're saying to congress. a top lawmaker tells us about a effort to reach a deal. >> i was born with a half glass full. i remain the most optimistic person in this town but we've got some serious differences. to the best vacation spot on earth.
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alisyn: if you think our lawmakers can't get along? check out this video. fists flying. here you go. for a second day, this is ukraine's newly-elected parliament. violent brawl breaking out
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between supporters of the president and opposition lawmakers. opposing sides wrestling with each other. some deputies knocked over. amid all the fighting they still managed to elect a new pro-government speaker. makes capitol hill look down right gentile? bill: that is one way to do it. this is like a regular day in kiev. alisyn: i hope it doesn't happen in washingtoners it would make great television. right-to-work laws in michigan became the 24th state in the nation. it allows union workers to opt out of paying union dues even if they're not in the union. stephen moore, "wall street journal." who would be next? >> there are a number of states neighbors to michigan really looking at this legislation. i'll name a few to you, bill. pennsylvania, ohio, west virgina, states like that are competing against
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southern states. remember a lot of jobs and a lot of manufacturing has moved from the midwest, the kind of rust belt of america to the south in part because those southern states are right-to-work. can i mention one other thing if i could, bill, about this issue that is important? bill: sure. >> there is so much misinformation what it means to be a right-to-work state. i want your viewers to know this, if you're a right-to-work state it does not ban unions, bill. simply means that workers who work for a unionized company have the right as an individual to join the union or not. it does not ban unions. bill: to be more specific, if you're not a member of a union, in michigan you're required to pay union dues. >> that is exactly right. bill: under this law you're no longer required to pay dues for something you're not gets service for anyway. >> that's right. the worker has the right to pay the union dues or not. really i think it is much a civil liberties issue. bill: in one hour we'll take it up with a democratic lawmaker in michigan that is
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none too happy about it. you predict within 10 years all but 15 states will have the same new law that michigan does. explain. >> i do, bill. the dominos are falling. as you seen what happened in michigan, by the way who would have thought this would happen in michigan the birthplace of unionism in america. you will see more and more pressure especially states with republican legislatures, bill, to do this. i predict within 10 years there will be only 12 to 15 states left not right to work. that will be because of basic economics. if they want to retain factories and jobs they will have to be right to work. bill: folks in michigan saw jobs going to indiana and said we -- >> no question about it. bill: does republican governor, tom corbett, he says it won't happen in his state. forget about it. won't pass. >> bill, that's what they were saying in michigan. if you ask the people in michigan a year or two ago would michigan be right to work, said would never happen in our state but it is happening. as more states come right-to-work, isolated
6:18 am
states have forced unionism and it will not work. i was making point, remember the famous incident about a year or two ago when boeing moved their facility out of washington state to south carolina and there was all this opposition to doing that. one of the reasons boeing moved to south carolina with that big plant, hundreds of workers was because south carolina is right-to-work state. bill: instead of washington where they were going to make the dreamliner, 787 is union. we saw the fight that ensued after that. after watching pictures in michigan, steve, if you're a politician, you have to have a strong spine to push this through. >> you do. bill: how many do? >> no doubt about it. no doubt about it. by the way i want to tip my hat to the people in the legislature in michigan who stood up to the kind of union thugs who were using violence as a way to prevent this. earlier on fox speaker of the house there in michigan, by the way a real hero i think in that state. yeah, there will be, you showed those scenes of some violence where was it in east europe.
6:19 am
we're seeing that in lansing, michigan, right now. you will see percent opposition by the unions to other states that try to go this direction. bill: we'll take that up next hour with a guest i just mentioned. one fine point on this. you believe once you go right-to-work you do not go back. >> that's right. it is one-way street. you know what? i guarantee you, it will not happen. once you've given this liberty to workers very hard to to take it away from them. bill: steve moore, thank you. "wall street journal" out of washington today. >> have a great day. alisyn: there are new signs that the assad regime in syria is growing increasely desperate as we hear reports of extreme escalation in violence. why the u.s. is watching --. bill: who did you like last night. did you like the boss or bon jovi? alisyn: can i say both? bill: they're both from new jersey, representing images on your screen. it was rock and roll royality, say that three times. coming together to help the victims of sandy and raising the roof and millions of
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bill: we touched on this with stuart varney 20 minutes ago. more and more americans losing their homes. new data from realtytrac, home repossessions was nine-month high last month. banks completing foreclosures on nearly 60,000 american homes. repossessions are on pace to exceed 650,000 this year. florida homeowners hit the hardest. there is good news in all this though. the number of homes on the path to foreclosure actually
6:24 am
declined to the lowest level in six years. alisyn: we have breaking news now on the civil war in syria. nato's secretary-general says the assad regime is on the verge of collapse. we've seen sharp escalation in the war with regime forces firing scud missiles on the rebels. general jack keane, retired four-star general, former chief of staff of the army and fox news contributor. hi, general. >> good morning, alisyn. >> do you agree with nato all the signs point to the assad regime being in a state of near collapse? >>wer certainly moving towards that but we've been predicting the collapse of this regime a long time. we're 20 one months into the conflict. the fact of the matter assad owns the skies. in other words he has air power, air supremacy, that really protracted his staying in power as long as he has been able to do this. alisyn: the fact he is firing scud missiles now, does that tell you he thinks
6:25 am
he is operating with impunity and not afraid of some sort of international retaliation? >> i think he believes certainly right now the only opposition he will get is what is on the ground in syria. he doesn't, he knows for a fact the united states isn't going to up the ante any because we're just not going to be involved in any way and that's obvious to him. therefore other nations are not going to be involved. in terms of scud missiles i think he could be reacting certainly, you know, to the 100 nations recognized the political entity, the national syrian coalition, that is now controlling the military operation. or it actually could be an operational reason. he has got units up in the north, ail list sin, that are cut off. the rebels control airfields and roads. he could employ chemical weapons using scuds as delivery system to open up a corridor to the south so the forces could get out and forces could get out and supplies could get in. alisyn: when you bring up chemical weapons, the obama
6:26 am
administration basically signaled it wasn't going to get involved but in fact president obama called that a red line. if chemical weapons were used it would force the u.s.'s hand somehow. >> well we have been very vague about what that means and i think it's speculation on our part certainly but i frankly believe that assad does not take that threat very seriously and that's why we have to keep an eye on what he is doing with those chemical weapons. i know our intelligence services and others in the region are doing that. we have to take that threat very seriously that he could in fact employ those weapons. alisyn: this week president obama formally recognized coalition against assad as legitimate and representative he said of the syrian people. does that change anything? >> on the ground it doesn't change much but i think what could happen as a result of it, certainly to have a legitimate political authority recognized like that is a good thing. and it may open up actually more economic assistance,
6:27 am
you know, to the rebel forces. i would hope, what i would like to see is more lethal aid to the rebel forces than what they're currently getting. alisyn: general jack keen, these images we're watching as you speak just look like hell on earth. let's hope there is some sort of resolution as soon as possible. thanks so much for coming in. >> good talking to you alisyn as always. bill: there was a car bomb in damascus went off a few hours ago killed 16 people by the opposition apparently, killed women and children. you have one side firing scud missiles on their own people and the other side blowing up kids and women. which side do you take in this battle? alisyn: hard to know. certainly assad has proven you can't take his side after all these weeks and 10 of thousands of people killed. bill: two years now, two years in syria. breaking news now on a report you will only see here on fox. a doctor leveling child sex abuse claims of a ceo of a major nonprofit group. an organization that runs program for children and
6:28 am
teenagers. the exclusive interview with the accuser in a moment. alisyn: the president's health care overhaul was supposed to bring insurance costs down so why is one insurer considering a 20% rate hike? will washington do anything to stop this?
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. ..
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bill: want to get to the breaking news. exclusive new report on child sex abuse allegations of a ceo of a major
6:32 am
nonprofit organization. that organization runs programs for teenagers and children in a few hours a north carolina doctor holds a news conference charging that the ceo of moose international molested him when he was a boy. senior national correspondent john roberts live in charlotte, north carolina on this story now. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, bill. this is another one of those tragedies we hear about too often. a year after the jerry sandusky case broke more al like of high-profile sex all abuse. dr. jason peck, psychiatrist and sleep specialist in, filed suit in ohio, that william airy. with the moose lodge in columbus, whitehall, ohio, sexually abused him on a moose lodge event. peck told me in a exclusive interview that he befriended neighborhood kids at the white house lodge and would take them over to the lodge on occasion to let them play
6:33 am
pool, watch television, hang out and would take them on overnight trips. dr. peck told me, alleges in the lawsuit it was on one of those trips that mr. airy sexually abused him. here is what he told me in an exclusive ininterview. >> it was middle night. the room was pitch back. i was very shocked, very scared. recall tears coming down my face and wetting the pillow behind me. and i laid perfectly still and, pretty much just kind of went into shock mode. and i didn't know if i was going to be hurt or injured if i tried to fight back. so i didn't. >> reporter: now this alleged incident took place back in 1980 when dr. peck, jason peck was 12 years old. since that time william airy risen up through the ranks of the meese lodge. he is director general and ceo of moose international which is part of its operations. runs a large campus of group homes and school for at risk
6:34 am
youth. we tried to reach out to him today. we were told by a grandson at his home outside of chicago he is out of the country. moose international officials confirmed that saying in fact he is on an anniversary cruise with his wife in jamaica this week, bill. bill: 1980, 32 years ago, a long time ago, john. why is he coming forward now? >> reporter: it is a long time ago, bill. people may be wondering about that. he told me in this exclusive interview he was made to feel at the time if he went public about this it would negative impact his family, particularly his mother who he thought might get in trouble. she was a single mom. might get him in trouble for allowing him to go on the trip with airy in the first place. he lived with the agony for 32 years. thought about coming out of the most of the time buried it, but wasn't until the sandusky case broke where he felt he had to do something about it and go public. in the exclusive interview he told me i wishes he had done that sooner. >> if i could rewiped the
6:35 am
clock i would have done more than just yell at him and told my mom and told my dad. i have had lots of conversations with both of them. >> reporter: they have been tough conversations? >> they have been very loving and supportive so. >> reporter: good to have their support through something like this? >> yeah. >> reporter: also in the complaint filed in court, peck alleges that in 1996 and again in 2007, moose international investigated mr. airy for alleged misconduct, alleged misconduct with children but took no action. he had no knowledge of that. he would categorically deny it. there is statute of limitations in ohio. it is 12 years after the age of majority. the peck's attorneys argue that ar -- airy left the state the clock stop running on statute. bill:, class sufficient roirting. a closer look at this organization. it is a fraternal and
6:36 am
service organization founded in 1888. its that nearly 800,000 members across the u.s. and csq''. it does roughly $50 million worthí(5lw0-t alisyn: they are expecting their costs, they say to go up because of this influx of new customers, new patients
6:37 am
i should say as a result of obamacare. but they haven't seen these new costs yet. is it fair they're doing this already? >> they're starting to see some increased costs and it should come as no surprise that socialized medicine costs a lot of money. overall cost of obamacare is already higher than originally predicted which we could see coming from a mile away. premiums already started to go up even over the last year. now big taxes are starting to kick in and starting next year, 2014, big taxes will start to be levied on private insurers and insurers like blue cross and blue shield. they are anticipating some of these costs. so costs already started kicking in and what they're saying and they're not alone, ali, they're saying look we have to raise rates in order to offset the cost of obamacare because otherwise it is just going to crush us. alisyn: by the same token, doug, this blue shield of california is sitting on a record surplus. >> right. alisyn: they have $3.9 billion that they have made since 2006.
6:38 am
that is 77% jump in their reserves. is somehow obamacare just giving companies an excuse to be greedy? >> well it is certainly giving them the opportunity to engage in fiscal management that most of us in most businesses are unable to do. look, monica raises fair points which i think ultimately require in any budget deal we look hard at obamacare and we look hard at the fees and charges that insurance companies and doctors are going to be able to charge under obamacare. i think this is a clear reason, a clear call to action to have a grand bargain but also put obamacare into the deal. alisyn: monica, obviously this isn't the first surprise, sort of fee or tax or cost that we've now heard of, even this week, connected to obamacare. we heard about the medical device company tax that will be kicking in. we heard about the $63 per head tax to help cover people with preexisting conditions. it is hard not to feel a little hoodwinked by some of
6:39 am
this stuff. was all of this in the original 1,000 page document or are these cropping up now? >> remember, ali, nancy pelosi whos with the house speaker, she said at the time you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. now unfortunately we're finding out all of these surprises. all these things were right there in the bill. democrats passed it without a single republican vote. what is interesting now all of these things are coming to light and real horrors of obamacare is kicking in in terms of taxes you laid out. that $63 feel that will hit everybody. the 3.8% surtax on capital gains and other investments on higher earners. medical devries tax, all these things are starting to kick in. what you're seeing in liberal democrats in the senate like john kerry, patty murray, chuck schumer, because these taxes will hit some of their biggest constituencies an donors now they're starting to say well,
6:40 am
we might want to look at repealing this or that part of obamacare because we didn't realize it would be so bad. alisyn: we heard that from al franken in minnesota about the medical device act. do democrats bear some responsibility in not better forecasting some of these prices? >> of course they do but the real issue, alisyn, is fixing the bill. the medical device tax is good example. it will be a job killer. if we have the tax we ultimately will not get research and development in devices we need on the market. that's why we need to go back to do it in a bipartisan way. that's why the process needs to be depoliticized so we figure out what is best for american consumers, what's best for the government. alisyn: doug, isn't it a little late for that? >> no, it isn't late for it. absolutely not late for it. we're all americans. we're in the midst of a can lam oust -- calamitous, economic circumstances. economic growth is revised downward.
6:41 am
we have wrenching budget and economic issues that will future. i think we have no choice to do it and i hope monica would agree. >> i agree with you are doug, to some extent. if we could repeal this now and majority of americans want it repealed but the fact is the law of the land. >> you can fix, things, monica. toto doug, what do you do? >> you negotiate. alisyn: sorry to cut you guys off. doug, i like your can-do spirit. >> what choice do we have. alisyn: thanks for the debate. bill: more and more and we'll figure out the best way. white house wants to raise taxes. what about cutting spending? the american people are speaking and white house might be surprised to hear what they are saying. we'll tell you. alisyn: plus shocking details of a gruesome plot against justin bieber. how police uncovered it this holiday season. ♪ . it's my favorite time of year again
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bill: brand new fox polling numbers on the looming fiscal crisis show overwhelming number of you want major cuts in federal spending in the taxes are going to go up. look at that number. 89% say president obama should agree to that deal. house speaker john boehner says the president is not even meeting republicans halfway. here he is. >> this plan does not fulfill his promise to bring a balanced approach to solving this problem. it is mainly tax hikes. and his plan does not begin to solve our debt crisis. it actually encreases spending. the president is calling for 1.4 trillion dollars worth of revenue. that can not pass the house or the senate.
6:46 am
bill: south dakota senator john thune chairman of the republican senate conference. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill, where are we now? anywhere? >> that is the question of the day. what seems to me to be happening here is that the white house is not real serious about any kind of a plan that has spending reductions in it, particularly that address what really drives federal spending. that is entitlement programs. they seem less and less serious getting a plan that would avert the fiscal cliff. why i think you heard a number of them say publicly they're willing to go over the cliff to get higher taxes. but i think what is really interesting about your survey, bill, americans are pretty discerning. by a 53-36 margin they believe if the president gets higher taxes he will use it for more government spending, not to reduce the deficit. which is why a large majority i believe understand spending and spending cuts has it be part of the solution to this problem. bill: to your point, it
6:47 am
showed a greater majority of people we polled said if you give washington more morn any they will spend it not pay down the deficit. getting back to what speaker boehner says, $1.4 trillion in revenue can't pass the house or senate right now. democrats control the senate. is that true? >> possible with a democratic majority in the senate they might get something like that through. there are a lot of democrats in the united states senate will have major heartburn over level of tax increases talking about and people they will hit. you're talking about raising taxes on nearly a million small businesses who employ 25% of the american workforce. millions of middle class americans and their families whose bosses, whose employers would be impacted by these higher taxes. there will be a lot of problem with a number that high. no way it will pass the house of representatives. certainly wouldn't get any republican support in the senate. i doubt there would be enough democrats to pass it either. bill: i'm trying to cut through all of this.
6:48 am
are we truly deadlocked on both sides? or are we just negotiating up until the 11th hour? >> i would like this think there is still good faith on the part of the president and the administration to get a deal but i'm becoming increasingly skeptical that is true. bill: you are? >> i think they pretty much concluded bill, this has to be a revenue issue. this will be tax increases to get a deal, to get republicans to support a deal. you will need something that addresses the spending side of the equation. that is what the issue his in our opinion. the facts bear that out. if you give the president everything he wants in terms of higher taxes it funds the federal government for less than a week the question what do you do for other 51 weeks of year? you have additional trillion dollar debt. $51,000 for every man, woman and child in america. his plan does absolutely nothing about that. it is all about revenues. that can't solve that. bill: they argued they put the cuts on the table. they have a trillion dollars worth depending who is
6:49 am
talking, whether house democrats or the white house but i think the bottom line in all these negotiations, if you do not go after spending now, does it happen at any point over the next four years? >> you know, it is just a hope and a wish and a prayer. there are opportunities down the road. you have the debt limit increase. continuing resolution vote that comes up in march that might present an opportunity to do something on spending but the longer we wait, harder it gets. their people get more and more locked in you don't have to do any spending reductions. this is really, i think the philosophical difference that exists between the way to solve this problem, the president and his people. by the way, trillion dollars in spending cuts you talk about, they're banking cuts that occurred last august. bill: understood. >> they are not doing anything meaningful this time around. bill: senator, thank you. republicans argue now or never. john thune in washington. >> thank you. alisyn: coming together to help the victims of hurricane sandy, the biggest names in music raising money
6:50 am
for the recovery. ♪ . well, we worked hard for those benefits. we earned them. and if washington tries to cram decisions about the future... of these programs into a last minute budget deal... we'll all pay the price. aarp is fighting to protect seniors with responsible... solutions that strengthen medicare and... social security for generations to come. we can do better than a last minute deal... that would hurt all of us.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
♪ but you always get right up, shouting hallelujah, hallelujah, sandy, screw ya. alisyn: he is funny. adam sandler, paul shaffer part of the concert for
6:54 am
victims of sandy. in hard hit new jersey operation santa is spreading holiday cheer cheer and bringing smiles to faces. douglas kennedy joins us in studio. >> reporter: alisyn, christmas is always a time to give to others. it is a spirit of giving especially important this year on the jersey shore. ♪ . around this time of year ñf usually hoping for a white christmas. >> decorations. decorate the tree. outside of the house, normal family things. >> reporter: instead she has been preparing her four children for a sandy christmas, which to many on the jersey shore means no christmas at all. you will not be able to have christmas this year. your house is wrecked. these are all your belongings. your life is completely devastated? >> yes. it is tough knowing my children will not be able to have christmas this year. hard to explain to them. >> reporter: vanessa is here
6:55 am
from keensburg, new jersey, a community hit hard by hurricane sandy in late october. in fact some residents are so destitute they can't afford clothing, much less prepts for christmas. to fellow jersey shore resident, stephanie frederick, that is unacceptable. no one should deprived of the christmas, especially those suffering. so you started operation jersey shore >> we started operation for those affected by hurricane sandy and have a good holiday to bring smiles to the kids face is. >> reporter: she has spent weeks collecting clothing an presents for sandy victims. she says everyone deserves a visit from santa. to you this is what christmas ist? >> absolutely. right now we have luxury to think of the holidays. these families don't. they're worried about homes and cleaning it up.
6:56 am
we want to think of the holidays for them. >> reporter: to her 8-year-old son, john paul, once again making a list for old st. nick. what do you want for christmas? >> cars. [inaudible] >> reporter: anyone who wants to make sure santa comes there could go to operation jersey shore sant stephanie has a lot of elves, alisyn, to deliver presents. alisyn: that is my hometown you're showing pictures of. i would be crying but nice to see everybody doing something good. i will tweet that out at alisyn camerota. bill: thank you, douglas. there is new report claiming that the national labor relations board is acting as a rogue agency. details out of washington, ali. alisyn: the date is finally set. secretary of state clinton
6:57 am
will testify before congress about the terror attacks in libya. we'll tell you when and what lawmakers want to know. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remain ad struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was getting worse. diplomatic security remained weak. in april there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. bill: fox news alert. the date is set, secretary of state college khreupb wil hillary clinton will testify before congress on when she knows about the response in the terror attacks in libya. it's been four months now that four americans, including our ambassador were killed in benghazi. they have cuff test for her about the timeline, the security failures leading up to that tragedy. good to have you with us. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom."
7:01 am
martha has the day after. how are you doing. >> reporter: i'm alisyn camerota in for martha. hillary clinton will testify before the foreign house affairs committee a week from today. it is sparking reports that the internal review the attack could be released any time. bill: catherine herridge live on the hill. what do we know about secretary clinton. >> reporter: this is the first time woefre we've been on capitol hill where we've had hillary clinton on the beng benghazi attack. our information is that she will testify once the internal review board was complete. that date is set to be 60 to 65 days after the attack in benghazi. the key thing about the report is that it will look at the intelligence leading up to the attack, as well as the security posture in benghazi, and whether
7:02 am
specifically there is culpability on behalf of the state department for the deaths of four americans. fox news was first to report based on a classified cable that there was an emergency meeting in benghazi in mid august and headquarters were told as a result the consulate in benghazi could not withstand a coordinated terrorist attack. they believe there were at least teupbz lambist or al-qaida groups operating in benghazi and they needed more support. based on our reporting there was not only no more support but security was further drawn down in the final weeks before the attack on 9/11, bill. bill: there were two closed door meetings set for today. sometimes there are leaks. what do we expect from them. >> reporter: we have two closed classified briefing one half the house intelligence committee that is set to begin this hour and the one this afternoon before the senate intelligence committee. they amount to a status report on the benghazi investigation that is being led by the f.b.i. what we've heard repeatedly from
7:03 am
lawmakers is frustration that the investigation seems somewhat stalled. one law maersk taking to the floor this week saying that taxpayer money or foreign aid to these nations who are holding the suspects should be cut off until they cooperate with the u.s. >> why are we giving any sort of aid to a country that has proven at this time it is no friend or ally of the united states. why are we not doing anything in our power to investigate the situation in benghazi that killed four americans. should hillary clinton cut off the name to tunisia, i will take legislative action to cut off the aid in tunee in tunes aid to tunisia.
7:04 am
>> reporter: there are tie suspecttwo suspects in custody. bill: they are calling for a special committee to investigate benghazi similar to the watergate committee convened in the 1970s. steve king says there is no comparison to watergate, he says benghazi is much bigger. >> i believe it is a lot bigger than watergate. if you add at gate and iran contra together and multiply it by ten you'll get in the zone of where benghazi is. i don't think the public has any idea and i don't either of the chronology of events, what took place and who was where doing what or why. bill: all these questions, steve king when he joins us live in about 25 minutes here on "america's newsroom." >> reporter: fox news alert on a disturbing new report shedding light on a government agency that is apparently plagued with a long list of problems.
7:05 am
doug mcelway is live in washington. tell us about the report, doug. >> reporter: it's all about the national labor relations board. the staff report from the house oversight committee details skoefrs incidents that strongly suggested under the obama administration the nlrb has strayed from it's core mission and has become a strong advocate for big labor and created vast uncertainty for job creators with it's arbitrary enforcement and sometimes militant advocacy for unions. it the best example is the attempt to shut down the assembly line in right-to-work south carolina. they spent billions on nonunion workers while expanding operations at the unionized washington state plant. union employees increased at washington state. a worker at the plant wrote, quote, thousands of people will
7:06 am
be unemployed if the nlrb's complaint becomes successful. losing my job will be catastrophic to myself and workess at this facility. we are homeowners, we have families affected. boeing is one of the best employers in the area and i would like to work for them. the "kpho*ebgist" said it's a loney left complaint and said the agency's recent million tans see was shocking. they said the complaint is without merit and would not survive a court challenge, would jeopardize thousands of jobs in our community, and is an unacceptable outcome. emails have said the board has trade from its mandate of its neutrality. emails cheering on proceed union decisions while lamb basing antiunion decisions. >> reporter: how is the nlrb supposed to work? >> it's supposed to be a neutral
7:07 am
arbiter of labor disputes. its general counsel acts like a prosecutor, the five-member board acts like a jury. evidence has been uncovered that the entities community with one another before the cases were adjudicated. this report came out moments ago. we've contactette nlrb for their response. we'll be watching for that throughout the day. >> reporter: thank you for that breaking news. bill: we find a major middle east ally facing yet another political crisis, opposition leaders warning of more flood on the streets of cairo as egyptians get ready to vote on a new constitution starting this weekend. with unity talks postponed at the last minute this conflict is information from over and it's not clear what direction this all important country takes. greg palkot streams live out of cairo now and what is the latest today, greg? >> reporter: hey, bill we are just two days away from the
7:08 am
first round of voting on that controversial tkaf tkaft constitutio continue verse draf tkrapbt draft constitution. there are signs of trouble. the mohammed morsi's brother food is coming out, and they are mobilizing 120,000 troops during the different ways. supporters of the president say they are just defending the gains of the revolution, bill. bill: you know, who is going to win? i think everybody is watching that from around the world, including right where you are in cairo, and which way this vote will go. what is your sense after talking to people there, greg? >> reporter: most analysts we've heard from, we've seen say that
7:09 am
president mohammed morsi constitution should pass maybe by a big margin. his muslim brotherhood party is just too well organized. they are involved in a strenuous get out the vote effort and some say there could be fraud involved with the vote. voting is going on at egyptian embassies around the world. muslim brotherhood operatives we are told busy there too helping at that vote. there could be another factor behind this constitution going forward, the folks here are just tired. it has been nearly two years since we were first here seeing the beginning of the unrest, the economy is in bad shape, the currency is hitting a six-year low, away from the noise at tahrir square and elsewhere it's a big, bustling country trying to get on. bill: thank you greg. headlines when we get them from there. >> reporter: we have a busy hour ahead, remember this scene from michigan tuesday.
7:10 am
[shouting] >> reporter: tempers are flaring over a right-to-work vote as a democratic lawmaker promised "blood" in return. bill: is your government broken, america? there is a new poll that shows just how many people have lost faith in washington. you think? plus this -- ♪ [singing] >> reporter: music royalty was out last night rocking for a good cause. how much money did they raise for sandy victims? we'll take a look at the music and the numbers. ♪ [singing] [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more. alisyn: fox news alert for you now, a news conference is just getting underway in miami. this is with congresswoman
7:14 am
ilanna, rossaman. john hammer was imprisoned in august when he tried to cross the board wer with a shotgun that was an hai an heirloom. the congresswoman claims he is being treated unfairly and has spent most of his time shackled to a bed and threatened by inmates. we are keeping a close eye on the news conference and bring you any developments as they come in. bill: democrats promising to keep fighting after michigan is the 24th right-to-work state in the country. conservative groups working to pass those laws in even more states. the law essentially allows workers who opt out of paying union dues. michigan democrat state senator glen anderson with me now. sir, good morning to you. you gave a comment to our producers earlier today saying you were disgusted at what is happening in your state, explain
7:15 am
that. >> thank you, bill. thanks for asking me on your program. i am disgust eud with wha disgusted with when is going on michigan. this is the most anti-governor we've seen in 15 years. there has been damage to our schools, workers than any administration i can call. bill: why should any worker who is not a member of a union, why should that worker have to pay union dues to that union that they are not even a part of? >> if he they are in a shop that they are benefitting from the negotiations of the union, why should they not pay for what they get? it would be no different than you living in your subdivision and you having a utility coming down your street and your neighbor is paying for your
7:16 am
utilities, but you're not paying for them. basically that is all. they don't have to pay union dues, they do have to pay a service charge, and they cannot be a member ever the union if necessity choose not to. bill: i know you make the case that this is not about economics, it's all about politics, and that is kind of what the president said the other day. >> it's exactly true. bill: if you don't get those union dues it's about union economics, because the union is weaker then, is it not? >> the underlying thing is it is an effort to destroy unions in michigan. there is no doubt about it. the outside interest and people in michigan are sick and tired of billionaires coming into michigan spending millions of dollars trying to influence public policy. the coch brothers, dig devass from the grand rapids area are behind the effort to destroy unions in the state. it's going to drive the economics completely down in the state where working people in this state are harmed.
7:17 am
bill: i grew up in ohio. i love your state, you have a wonderful state. i know you love your state and people. doesn't it hurt you when you see people setting up shops in indiana and not michigan. >> it hurts me when i see employers driving down wages in this state and causing people to have to pick up a second job just to support their families and keep a roof over their heads and send their kids to school. bill: but doesn't it bring back -- >> well, bill, there is no substantive evidence that lower wages and those jobs coming in really contribute to economics. bill: i don't know, senator we are seeing a figure out of indiana that shows they are up 13,000 jobs since the right-to-work. are they wrong? >> i do believe they are wrong. racing to the bottom is not where we want to go economically for this state or any state. we should be racing to the stop as the president said, not racing to the bottom and that's exactly what is happening in the
7:18 am
right-to-work states. bill: have you to get a strategy to overturn this thing. are you going to try to get the governor out of office or get a referendum. and part two to that, the referendum has some issues as you know. >> you're probably aware of the fact that in our constitution citizens have the right to petition to change laws that they disagree with, or overturn the actions of the legislature. bill: it's my understanding that it has an appropriations bill attached to it and under the constitution of michigan you cannot challenge that. >> that is true. that is something republicans have done time and time again, when they know an action is taking is not popular with the public. why would they not allow the public to have their constitutional right to reject their action? they've sealed that, but we have other afternoon afternoons avenues and we are going to pursue them. bill: that's what they did in
7:19 am
ohio and they won. that does not appear to be an option in michigan. option number two? >> i don't want to lay that out right now, but we will have -- take action, and whether it's the 2014 election that we build up to, people are very unhappy in michigan, what's been going on with this legislature and this governor. this governor as one tough in other wordsnerd. he's going to be one-term nerd. bill: glen anderson thank you. you come back any time. >> thank you, bill. bill: we'll see where we go next. alisyn: a troubling report on north korea's rocket launch, we'll tell you which of america's top enemies were reportedly at this launch site and why this particular rocket shows us the north korean threat might be greater than ever. bill: also -- [baby crying ] >> i love the sound of that in the morning. this union protest sounding more like a kid's temper tan rum. we'll tell you why and what the
7:20 am
folks that have to hear it every day are saying. >> i know everybody say they have the right, and that's fine. don't we have rights too that we have to here this constantly every day? i always wait until the last minute.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
alisyn: fox news alert for you right now on this developing story. you're looking at pictures out of fort lauderdale, florida, this is courtesy of wsbn our affiliate down there. there has been a suspicious package found in the courthouse there. so police are investigating what is inside this package, whether or not it's dangerous. this is the courthouse, by the way, on broward boulevard. you are looking at a police bomb squad that has shown up there on the scene. they are trying to check out this package. it's in this parking lot that you see when we take a wider shot that is adjacent to the
7:24 am
building of the federal courthouse. >> it's not too heavy, i can see the horizon. alisyn: we can hear the chopper reporter there. broward boulevard is shut down at this time, a main thoroughfare. there is the bomb squad vehicle. we will keep an eye on this developing store row and bring you more when we have it. bill: a north korean satellite said to be spinning out of alcohol in spacout of alcohol this week. my next guest says not only is that missile capable of getting closer to the u.s. than ever before. some of the people at the launch were our even niece. van hem, good morning to you. do you know anything about the satellite tumbling out of control? what would that mean. >> i spoke a couple of hours ago to european scientists who are
7:25 am
actually monitoring the situation. they say it's at least still partially operational and still emitting a very strong radio signal and it just passed over indonesia. >> what would that mean then if you lose control ever that satellite, what then? >> it could tumble down to earth. here is the big story, the fact that north koreans were able to get this satellite into space in the first place. they had the delivery system on this rocket which is basically the same as -- the same delivery system as there typodone ii system. that is the missile system they've been testing for years and years annex tepbld the range so it could reach the continental united states. this is scary. they are closer to having a missile that could reach the united states. bill: it's far more serious especially when you consider the sanctions on this country. if has been labeled a success,
7:26 am
whether you're for it or the rest of the world is against this. i'm going to show you, sir, to our viewers at home here, here is north korea, this missile shot off from the east coast of north korea. you had a little of it land here in the yellow sea and a little bit more down here in the philippines. here is what we believe on the range potentially. here is north korea, here is japan, this is the area where the missile took its course. hawaii is about 6,000 kilometers away. you are 3600, 40,000 miles away from the east coast, ask is a little closer than that. you have come up with a scenario that i think is intriguing. you're saying the iranians were there on site when the rocket was launched. >> there are multiple reports from several news organizations right now that where the launch was you had iranian technical experts who have been involved
7:27 am
in the missile program in iran. why that is important, the shab missile is based on the typodone2 missile in north korea. the federation of scientists has told us for years that iran has been in bed with north korea sending cash and oil in exchange for their missile technology. bill: they are much closer to reaching the u.s. after something like this. >> yeah, you talk about some of the stuff falling there close to the philippines and so forth. pair in mind a rocket way was launched a couple ever days ago is a multistage rocket. what you're seeing are pieces of the first and second stage. that third stage was able to get the satellite into orbit and that's what should concern america, it should be a wake up call for this country and the free world. bill: i also think this tidbit about the iranians is no small dial deal, that is a
7:28 am
significant deal. thank you. alisyn: lawmakers preparing to question hillary clinton over the murder of four americans in benghazi. they'll finally have a chance to ask what she knew and when when hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill next week. and some americans say that is not going far enough. bill: one of the most loaded concert bills we everee seen in memory. rock and roll legends on stage together to help the victims of sandy. what a night it was. how much money did they raise in some of the more unforgettable moments that you will see here on "america's newsroom"? i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe
7:29 am
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alisyn: let's go back to our top story this hour. secretary of state hillary clinton set to testify before congress next week on the benghazi terror attack while a kroeg chorus of republicans call for a special select committee to step in, among those iowa congressman steve king who has said that benghazi is ten times bigger than watergate and iran contra combined. and congressman king joins us live. he sits on the judiciary committee. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn.
7:33 am
alisyn: why do you think this is ten times bigger than watergate and iran contra combined. >> watergate happened on the date my wife and i were married years ago. it was a break in that nixon had no knowledge about at the time. it became about the cover up. iran contra, as far as real depths of what went wrong and who violated laws we really didn't get that identified in there. those two stories are all wrapped up in american history as conflicts. this is a case where we had an ambassador assassinated. he and the others were victims of a plot and plan. we were willfully and you tension tphal lee misinformed by the white house. if richard nixon tried to cover up watergate, that is an easy case to make that the obama administration didn't want us to know what has gone on, we still don't know. we don't have a timeline of events, we don't have an autopsy
7:34 am
of ambassador steve shrepbs. w stevens. we don't know who was in and room, who came and went and at what time. we know that about osama bin laden. we need witnesses under oath who are players in this so we can figure out what time the president went to bed, when he decided he was going to go to las vegas and go to his fund-raiser and how he downgraded this situation to be something he didn't want in the news apparently. alisyn: congressman you're calling for now in special select committee. why don't you think that the house foreign affairs committee can get to the bottom of it? >> sometimes there is just a cross in the jurisdiction that is there. we have the select committee on intelligence too that is doing work, and they do most of that behind closed doors in a class need setting. foreign affairs will go into some of this. there is perhaps armed services committee has some, but we need to have a full panel that will drill into this with a committed staff on it so that we have all the information in one police and we can turn it into a report
7:35 am
so that the american people will eventually know what happened, otherwise i don't believe we'll ever learn what happened and that is to the benefit of this administration and the detriment of our republic. alisyn: do you think we are spending too much time on the narrative here and not as much time on justice. catherine herridge just report they'd there are two suspects apparently in custody in foreign countries right now but we don't know anything about it, we don't know anything about charges. we haven't heard anything about justice. is our focus in the right place here? >> well i think we need to focus on justice too. we need to know what happened, and we need to bring justice to the perpetrators, and so i think that our administration, hopefully hillary clinton will testify about that some this afternoon, with those relations and countries that are holding a couple of suspects, i think we'll get some information on that today. the law has got to be enforced. i don't know whether there were any casualties on the other side
7:36 am
in this conflict either that took place on september 11th. there are so many missing answers to so many questions that have been asked and i don't think that we can get them all sogt and this and indianaing of it and a consensus on what it is unless it's a joint select committee that will put all this information together, have a staff and team and people from both sides of the rotunda and aisle that represent the various committees that would have just diction, then we can get to the bottom of it. alisyn: congressman steve king thank you so much for coming in and explaining what you're calling for. >> thank you. bill: the hearings next week will be public. alisyn: good. bill: must-see tv. after a long run from the law the millionaire john macafee is back in the united states. the man known for inventing an antivirus software. he's still wanted for questioning in central america after his neighbor was found murdered. phil keating is on that story live in phao*eufplt is he in the
7:37 am
clear, phil? >> reporter: not necessarily. but his legal situation today, now that he's here in miami is dramatically improved, especially as it had been over the past month. now that he's back on u.s. soil, which is of course his home country, and as is pretty much always the case with him during the past month or so it was absolute bedlam and chaos yesterday as the guatemala mall yan police removed him there detention and took him to the airport. once he landed to phao*euplt h in miami he went to so it beach and checked into a hotel on south ocean dry. >> they got everybody to sit down, and said that is john macafee on the plane, please come forward. there were a whole bunch of officers, and they said, we are here to help you sir. >> reporter: police in belize want to question him for the
7:38 am
killing of his neighbor down there. he claims he had nothing to do with that. however it does appear that until at least the belize police criminally charge him in that case he is pretty much safe in the united states. bill: why did he go to miami? >> reporter: he claims he had nothing to do witness, miami just happened to be where the guatemala mall yan police took him when they took him out to the airport. all is not roses for macafee. that's because he traveled alone in coach. his girlfriend of 20 years old is still down in guatemala. reportedly he has another girlfriend 17-years-old and both of those young ladies are trying to get to guatemala to meet up with him in miami. bill: it turns again. phil keating in miami. what is next. alisyn: we are waiting for an update from house democrats on the fight over the fiscal cliff as a brand-new fox poll shows us just how many americans are
7:39 am
losing faith in the federal government. bret baier is going to join us to discuss why shoepl persons believso many americans believe that washington is broken and that nothing can fix it. bill: a college locked down that had students running through campus and locking their doors, and for good reason. >> police officers got out of the car, they went to their trunks and got rifles and started making their way towards the building. i've worked hard to build my family.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
government is just plain broke broken. say good morning to bret baier. we were talking to senator john thune about an hour ago. i know these guys are negotiating publicly, but i get the impression from him that there is no deal, and quite likely they are nowhere close. do you think that is posturing or do you think that is the story? >> i think it's a combination, bill, to be honest with you, i think there are -- to talk to democrats they are a lot closer than republicans say they are, publicly. and privately we don't really know how close they are. we've heard behind closed doors that, you know, there are hundreds of billions of dollars apart and there are some major differences. some say that they can bridge that divide before the deadline, others say it's really going to be difficult, and likely not going to happen before christmas, and may be really difficult before the end of the
7:44 am
year. and obviously that is the deadline and the so-called cliff. so i think we are all reading the tea leaves here. you're right to guess on the public comments that they haven't been too positive as of late. bill: the poll number we just put up i don't think that will surprise a lot of folks, especially when you look at the approval number or lack thereof of congress. we found a couple of the poll numbers that are very telling. this is a question, what describes your feelings on how -- this is it. raising taxes on the wealthy, can that solve the country apartments budget problems. 61%, a clear majority say no, unless you get the spending cuts as well. >> yeah, i mean that is an interesting point. also that first graph, 65% of americans saying that the federal government is broken, that suggests, that -- listen a lot of people if you ask the question should they raise taxes on the top tier, they'll say
7:45 am
yes, but whether the taxes are being spent effectively, whether the federal government is spending the money effectively is the different kind of question and that gets to this kind of question. is the federal government broken? and this answer, 82% of republicans say the government is broken, 71% of independents say it's broken, and you have 47% of democrats saying it's broken. overall 65% of americans. that's a big number. bill: here is another one. if income taxes go up do you think press will use the tax dollars prime aeuftaxes to decrease the deficit or fund more spending. bill: americans believe you give more money to washington and it's just going into that black whole. do they think about that at the white house? is that part of the negotiations right now? >> i think so. part of the initial plan that
7:46 am
timothy geithner the treasury secretary put up was an additional $50 billion in stimulus spending. clearly there is a spending element to whatever the solution is on the white house side of the coin, and how the cuts actually work, as we've talked about in washington, spending cuts here often deal with slowing down the increases that were already baked in the cake, if that makes sense. it all deals with what's called the baseline here, and that's how it's increasing spending year after year. if you cut the increases next year they call this a cut in bark ton, you don't call that at home a cut. bill: 89% in our survey found if income taxes go up the president should agree to major spending cuts. what republicans are saying is that it's now or never. if you don't get the spending cuts now it will not happen over the next four years.
7:47 am
do you hear that? >> a lot. from republicans, that they believe that this is the battle that they want to have. this is the fight that they want to have. now, whether all of them want to have it is really the question, and whether john boehner can convince -- or whether they can convince john boehner that it's the fight that he wants to have at this point, that's really the question. when you get a deal, if john boehner strikes this deal, the speaker strikes this deal, remember you have to get these votes, you have to get it through the house, 218 votes, and that's really the question. bill: i thought it was a telling comment from him yesterday saying that you're looking nor $1.4 trillion in revenue, that was the figure he used. he argues that cannot pass the house and neither can it pass the senate right now, controlled by democrats. is he right on that point? >> well, there are a lot of moderate democrats who will be up for re-election, and this next cycle, who might have a
7:48 am
tough time casting that vote for raising taxes at those levels. we don't know, that's what republicans are saying, and mitch mcconnell is confident that that is going to be a very difficult vote for them, but you don't know until you have to cast it whether democrats can hold all those votes together. bill: great news about your son. >> thank you very much, he's back home doing well. bill: nice. we are all thinking about you. >> thanks, buddy. bill: see you at 6:00 special report every week night monday through friday. check out bret and the gang on the fox news channel. alisyn: millions tuned in last night to hear some major rock legends. ♪ alisyn: wow the biggest names in music took the stage for the 12-12-12 concert benefitting sandy storm victims. how much money did the rock and roll legends raise? we'll tell you.
7:49 am
bill: i hope a lot. alisyn: they did. bill: from everywhere. ♪ [singing ] the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpn pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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jenna: coming up on "happening now" what is being called a credible threat against 30 u.s. banks, names you know and probably use. hackers are planning a massive fraud attack early next year. what you need to know about that to protect yourself and your money of course. are you constantly driven to distraction at work, especially this time of year. you have social media, email, text messages, why it's increasingly hard to get anything done. what you can do about it. tips in ten minutes on "happening now."
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♪ [singing] ♪ i don't have any reasons to leave them all behind, just in a new york state of mind. alisyn: that sounds tkpw-frplt the musical a-list hit new york's madison square garden for a concert to benefit the victims of hurricane sandy. the sold out show seen on 37 television stations in the u.s. and more than 200 others worldwide. it's believed 2 billion people tuned in to watch this event. so how much money did it raise? we have the news editor and host of "wall street journal" business of celebrity. widley hawk kings joins me now. >> the numbers are still coming in. we'll have bicker numbers at the end ever the day. we can already say the event raised a total of $48 million
7:54 am
after last night. that was 35 million that they made before the event, and then 13 million in additional ticket sales last night. that doesn't include phone donations and merchandise. >> it doesn't include the phone donations that came in during the show last night? >> right, right, this is a huge number. there will probably be another number that comes in according to chase spokes people at end of the day. alisyn: they were able to make that astronomical number of 48 million. the seats were expensive seats all the way up to $2,500. >> $2,500 starting at 150. alisyn: historically speaking how does this compare to -- remember the big poignant incredible concert after 9/11. >> of course that was rated by rolling stone as the fourth most important moment in rock and roll history and it came in at $35.2 million at the end of the event. what we're seeing is everybody has come together, in part through social media which is much more prevalent than it was
7:55 am
back then. alisyn: that's how you explain it. obviously 9/11 was a much bigger tragedy than hurricane sandy, not to downplay hurricane sandy, but the fact that this event last night raised so much more than that 9/11 concert, it's twitter, it's facebook? >> so many more effective ways to raise dollars. one of the things that really kind of bothered me about it was there was a black market that kind of rolls out of this. people actually resold their tickets, but what was great in the end, crisis always breeds opportunity. what was great in the end is that the ticket broker actually donated $860,000 that they made from thieves back to the organizations, and that is just powerful. alisyn: what was your favorite moment? >> i think my favorite moment was just seeing all the people together at the end, with alicia keys singing. and all of the a-listers that came out -rblgs it'. it's hard to get these guys together. when they come out for these events it really shows they will do the charity.
7:56 am
so many were personally affected. richie sambora's mother is still living with him because her house was affected by the tragedy. >> bon vovi and others since their towns were affected. >> and paul mccartney stepped into the role of curt cobain. he's a legend in his own right, so much mystique. it's myself to know they really care about this. alisyn: let us know exactly what the final tally was, that will be incredible. >> thank you. bill: that concert apparently just ended two hours ago. [laughter] bill: it was a jerry lewis telethon. great, great cause. guess who is the new target of a sear just cyber threat, 32
7:57 am
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